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Common Phrases in Spanish-You’ve booked your ticket and packed your bags.Barcelona or Madrid is waiting!
But before you say” Ole!” make sure that you have other phrases ready to make your trip more exciting! Let’s learn some Spanish!
Now, here are “Common Phrases in Spanish” the bare essentials, the most common survival Spanish travel phrases that will set you up to get your point across. Locals like it when you talk to them in their language (even how funny you sound to them!)


Just try your best and the will surely be appreciated!

Good morning – Buenos días (bway nos dee ahs)
Good afternoon – Buenas tardes (bway nahs tar des)
Good evening – Buenas noches (bway nahs noh chayss)
Hola (oh lah) is “hi” and you can say that with people you know.
Cómo está? (coh moh es tah) is “how are you?” if you don’t know someone.
And Cómo estás? (coh moh es tahs) if you do know them.

If they ask you how you are, you can say “good, thank you” – “bien, gracias” (bee ayn, grah cee ahs) because you, too, are a polite person or at least, try to be!
Don’t ever forget: Please – Por favor (por fah vohr) – and Thank you – Gracias (grah cee ahs). These are VERY IMPORTANT words in Spanish and they are magic words, in any language.
When you are introduced to someone, you say “Mucho gusto” (moo choh goos toh) and they will say the same thing back to you. It means, “nice to meet you.”
Habla inglés? (ahblah een glays)? – Do you speak English? While it is never correct to assume that someone speaks English, you can ask if they do and they will like you so much better for asking in Spanish.

Basic vocabulary for many uses

I want, I don’t want – Yo quiero, yo no quiero (yoh kee ayr oh, yoh noh kee ayr oh)
I would like (more polite) – Me gustaría (may goo stah ree ah)
Where is – Dónde está? (dohn des tah) – just in case, you are lost! Or need a comfort room stop!
How much does it cost – Cuánto cuesta?? (cwahn toh cways tah) – this is very important!
You wouldn’t want to order and something and realize you cannot afford it!
And of course, for shopping too!

What time is it? – Qué hora es? (kay orah ess)? – donìt be late for your tour! Or your flight!
Do you have? – Tiene? (tee ayn ay)?
I have, I don’t have – Yo tengo, yo no tengo (yoh tayn goh, yoh noh tayn goh)
I understand, I don’t understand – Yo entiendo, yo no entiendo
(yoh ayn tee ayn doh, yoh noh ayn tee ayn doh)
Do you understand? – Entiende? (ayn tee ayn day)?

This may look like a challenge at first but the excitement of the journey is not only the destination but also the preparation and the anticipation for the journey and learning a few useful phrases of the native language of the country you’re visiting and learning a new language is always a good idea! Hasta la vista y buen viaje!

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