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Call or     WhatsApp on +39 320 818 4491 (we speak English!) or

Katja Hansel

Founder of Europe4Kids, Rome4Kids and Passion4Travel


Hi, my name is Katja Hansel,

Travel opens horizons and I firmly believe that if we as parents implant curiosity and thirst for knowledge into our children’s hearts at a young age, their passion, interests and their talents will blossom! Though as a single mom, I do realize that it is real hard work to carefully plan your city vacation the right way. More than just time spent away from home but an exciting family bonding experience! So, simply leave it up to us! Who ever said that history and museums are boring? Well, good news: It is not about the place you see, it is about who makes it come alive and how it is done! Our fabulous private tour guides make a world of a difference! That is why I hand pick all our guides in Rome and over Europe personally, who adapt perfectly to your individual needs! We make you feel at home and make history comprehensive, inspiring and fun! That is WHY I founded Europe4Kidstours:  to help parents and grandparents create meaningful memories that will last a life time! No more frustrating experiences! Happy kids make happy parents – so let’s do it!

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