More Than Just Boating Your Way Through Venice

Venice is more than its historic canals! One of the top destinations in Italy, Venice is full of history, culture, and food, making it perfect for a family vacation. Its history includes religious and political wars, contributions to music, as well as delicious food. Venice should be on every families must see list when visiting Italy with our Family Tours Venice, Venice Sightseeing, Walking & City Tours Venice. It is full of fun and informative tours that will interest everyone in your family. Venice is one of the cities that are listed as a World Heritage Site.

Gondola Rides


With Venice’ history there is plenty for a family to do and see. With the city being adjacent to over 100 small islands the historic canals and bridges are what connect them to Venice. Taking a gondola ride through the historic channels is a on the top of many people’s bucket list and for good reason. These boat tours of Venice are a great way to see the city’s unique architecture and interesting architecture.

Religion and Rulers


You may not know but there is a vast religious influence on the city of Venice that can be seen through landmarks like St Mark’s Basilicas.  St. Mark’s is full of grandeur as it was dedicated to the cities patron saint.  It was created with help of Venice’s talented goldsmiths that fashioned gold mosaic tiles that cover the Basilica. It shows classic architecture styles that were popular during the Byzantine Empire.

Seeing the Doge Palace is often accompanied with a tour of St. Mark’s as it is adjacent to it. The Doge Palace is an architectural wonder. Not only does it showcase styles from the Byzantine but Renaissance as well. It famous halls feature artwork from some of the most well-known painters like Titian & Veronese. It is also home to prison that once housed the infamous Casanova. Seeing these two examples of architecture is something that is a must when taking a walking tour of Venice.

Other Points of Interest


There is plenty of rich culture in the city of Venice and just as many tours are available. Some notable ones are the Murano Glass & Burano Lace Tour. People visit the city just to tour these to Venetian staples. Viewing these trades taking place is a once in a lifetime opportunity as their craftmanship is known the world over.

There are also day trips from Venice to Padua which is known as “Venice’s Little Sister”. It is known for its contributions to science and arts especially in the times of the Renaissance and the 17th Century. Padua was home to scientist Galileo. There are also religious landmarks like the Basilica of St. Anthony and Scrovegni Chapel. This chapel holds one of the most important works of western art, the fresco cycle that was painted by Giotto. This piece dates all the way back to 1305 and has been restored to its amazing beauty.



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