Rome as any other european city can be extremely overwhelming especially with kids – it is a relief / the answer for any parent that Katja & her team exist! Rome is one of the most fascinating sights in the world – though to see Rome through the eyes of a guide who loves and is passionate about the city, you will experience a different Rome !

We take over so mom & dad can relax, and enjoy the ride! We provide fun and interactive private Rome tours for families with child friendly, licensed local guides to have you and your children learn an incredible amount in a short period of time!

WE CONVERSE, not teach nor lecture, tailor the tour to the individual needs and make Your stay fascinating to kids and adults alike!

In Rome you can truly touch and feel the history; what may look like old stones and a bunch of ruins will suddenly leap to life with animated explanations of the events of the past, anecdoted and fun stories……exciting and interesting! For us Kids are the main focus! We take an educational approach – full of surprises and answers!
And lets not forget: NO LINES with Rome4Kids!


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