5 Language Hacks For Busy And Curios Travellers

July 4, 2016 / Comments / on Tips / by Alina Simonova
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5 Language Hacks For Busy And Curios Travellers

5 Language hacks for busy and curios travellers-You are going on a trip abroad. You are worried because you do not speak the language of the locals. How will you communicate with people? How will people respond to you? Good news! You can always learn a few words for your holiday along the way! Languages are something fascinating that bring you closer to the people of a foreign country! Improve your travel experience…

Here 5 Language hacks for busy and curios travellers:


Try your best to communicate even if you make mistakes. Practice is the mother of skill and only if you try out the pronunciation will you eventually get it right. Only if you repeat the words and phrases will you remember them! The locals will appreciate your efforts and will laugh with you not at you when you make mistakes! Be ready to make a fool of yourself and have fun with it!


We tend to think we need to be perfect! Every master has once been a disaster, so simply learn as you go and study a few words each day! Set a goal for yourself to learn and practice easy phrases and see how people react. Keep it simple, to make it stick!
Keep it simple, to make it stick!


Focus on words and phrases you will need each day. Use only those phrases you may need to check in, go to the bathroom, order food, ask for directions, prices, the time etc…..you will notice that after a while it will flow if you repeat them over and over again!


Learn some new words and phrases, whenever you have some downtime, on a long flight or a layover. Make sure you bring your tablet, pc or smartphone and download a language program like +Babble, RosettaStone or the free one called DuoLingo. That way you can practice while you are on the go!


Although you may feel like a toddler who just stares at the screen, try to watch TV in foreign language, listen to a podcast or to the radio. Our modern devices give us access to incredible resources, all we need to do is turn them on and use them! Repeat and record the phrases you have learnt!

Enjoy your trip! And leave your advice below for the other travelers…

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